Revenue Patwari Interview Experience Preparation - Haryana Staff Selection Commission - What Will Be My Result ?

This article is about my interview experience for the post of Revenue Patwari in Haryana State help during november 2010.

Hello Friends,
I am describing my interview experience of Haryana Staff Selection Commission. The interview was held on 24 November 2010.
Telling From Begining -
On 12th November When I came from my working city to my village, I got interview letter and was shocked it was in response to an advertisement of May 2007.
Probably this is the reason why people in India specially in Haryana look for a temporary job after feeling the form for govt job. One can't wait for the interview for such a long period of 3 and half year just for interview. I decide to go for interview.
I know without back and jack selection in the interview is next to impossible in Haryana but then I thought why not I should give a chance when Haryana govt is giving me free journey ticket as bus fair. I didn't have anything to loose so choose to go for interview.
Then I tried to found a jack because I don't have solid back, but failed to found one.
On 22 Nov, I go to my district bus stand incharge and asked him to approve my bus pass. He asked me to come on 23 and I came back to home. On 23 I missed my job duty and was in Tehsil for my Haryana Residence Certificate. At 12:00 PM I submit my form and again find a jack because last bus for Panchkula was at 3.30 PM. So at any cost I have to receive my Haryana Residence certificate till 2.20. Fortunately my family member is in practice in Tehsil and he helped me a lot and asked the person who was not looking co-operative to me to give the certificate in two hours and then I leave for home and at 1.30 I came back to Tehsil and was suprised to see the certificate. It was the power of " Our People First " therapy, which is very normal in India. For me it was good but for those who were in line was not good.
Anyway, I collect my certificate and leaved for district bus stand. I go to station incharge and got my pass ready.
Then I leaved for Panchkula, my interview station.
I arrived there at 9.00 PM. My friend, who is working in Swaraj, a company for tractor manufacturing, came at Tribune Chowk and took me to his room.
I was in pressure due to interview on next day. I decide to watch movie Veer-Zaara because this is one among my favourite movies and give of pleasure. I don't know anything after the movie was over. Just remember that I played a song " Tu Jo Nahin Hai To Kuchh Bhi Nahin Hai " and then wake up at 6 AM. Take bath and breakfast that my sweet friend made for me.
At 6.20 AM my friend's roommate arrived from his shift and I meet him. He was such a nice person, I can't explain in words.
At 8.30 I leaved for interview place with my friend.
Thanks god We had a bike with us otherwise it was not possible to arrived on time.
At 9.15 We arrived at my interview place. It was Bays No 67-70, Sector 2, Panchkula.
What will happened next ? I will tell this in my next post.
So friend, if you are going to take any interview for govt job in Haryana then make sure you have every certificate ready at least one week prior to the date of interview if you don't have any jack in administrative offices like Tehsildar Office, S. D. O. Office etc and if you have anyone in such office then you can get certificates ready two day before the interview. Don't wait for day before interview because Class I officers in India don't come to office daily. They have more works then their duty :-) .
Here you can post your response to tell people what they should do to ensure proper preparation for interview for govt job in Haryana or India.

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