Narender Modi : Between Gandhinagar and Delhi

BJP is totally lost in its own battle. Every leader in BJP is trying to prove himself but the big mistake is that nobody is trying prove them in front of common people but they are trying to prove themselves in front of the party leadership and RSS. This is not good for the future of BJP and in my current article I'll discuss various effects and the possible situations that we may see in near future.
Indian politics seems to be changed completely both in respect of action and reactions. The typical politician image is no more there and for any comment the statement coming is different now. We may say that this is due to the fact that voter is no more an object for parties but is a bit educated and is more careful while selecting his representative.
In my articles Rise of Arvind Kejriwal and Rise of AAP, I discussed how Indian youth is entered in active politics and this is the basic thing that is making required changes now.

Few days back Congress announced Sh. Rahul Gandhi, its no two officially by making him vice-president. Now conditions are very different as compare to two months back. Congress is gaining very fast the confidence it lost recently. Now the BJP has more challenges and that too when its leaders are fighting with their co-leaders.
BJP has once again shown faith in Sh. Rajnath Singh, the man who resigned due to the loss of party in 2009. It will be interesting to see how he is going to win 2014 with all these problems.

Yesterday Sh. Narender Modi meet BJP president. Here it will be interesting to recall that in previous turn Rajnath Singh completely opposed Narender Modi but now situations are different and Narender Modi has won Gujarat. Rajnath Singh now that if he wants to see BJP ruling India then it is easiest with Narender Modi as PM. He is doing exactly this. All opinion polls are showing great lead for Narender Modi over Rahul Gandhi, so if he present Narender Modi as PM candidate, it will serve two purposes viz 1. The fight between BJP will be over and we may see a unite BJP and 2. BJP will gain from the reputation as a good government leader of Gujarat.
It will be interesting to see how BJP will lead from here. Will BJP trust on Narender Modi or Congress is going to rule again ?
If you want to share your opinion, you're welcome.

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