How To Place Adsense Ads Below Post ( Post Footer) in Blogger

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We have already discussed the placement of Adsense ads below post title in blogger blog and the other best place to put Adsense ads is the bottom part of the post i.e. Post Footer. In my current article I'll write the way by which you may place ads in the footer part of the blogger.

How To Place Adsense Ads Below Post in Blogger

If you want to place ads below blogger post then you may follow these steps :
  • Login To Blogger : First of all you have to login to using your username and Password or you have to create a new account with blogger.
  • Click on Blog Name : Click on the Name of the blog in which you want to place ad below the blogger post i.e. above the comments in blogger in the footer of the blog post.
  • Go To Template : You will see a number of options in left sidebar, Go Template option and click on Edit HTML. Tick the Box that says Expand Widget Templates and you will be in edit template mode. I recommend to Backup Your Template before editing anything in it.
  • Generate Ad Code : Now open and GO to My Ads tab. Generate a new unit that you want to place at post title.
  • Convert Code in HTML Text : This is most importance step. Create The code in html acceptable blogger code. Visit Ad Style HTML Conversion
  • Find <data:post.body/> : Now Find <data:post.title/> in your blogger template and it will followed by <b:if>
  • Paste Code : Paste the code that you got from Ad Style Conversion just below <data:post.title/>
  • Save Changes : Now save changes in template by clicking Save Template and you will be done.
After 10 to 15 minutes your ads will start appearing on the footer of your blog post.
Place a comment for any idea or query regarding this.

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