Shaheed-E-Aajam Bhagat Singh : We are proud of You.

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March 23rd was the most important day in India freedom fighting movement. 
It was March 23, 1931 when three brave sons of Mother India sacrifice their lives so that we may have a free India today but the bigger question is that if we still remember their sacrifice.
No doubt some schools or colleges may have functions on their death anniversary but if they wanted this ?
No my dear friend, I don't think they even think of this. The give their life for a happy and free India but today what we are seeing can't be their dream. Today every common man of India is not happy because we have forgotten our moral values and our basic duties toward our nation.
If we want India to be a prosper nation then we have to put our best to make it that.
No nation can progress unless its people really want it to .
Our Heroes knew this and that why that did their best. Now its time for us to show them that they were right and we are capable for creating India of their dreams.
Martyr are seeing us and I think they also want India to be a developed country with our ancient values.
From past few days what we are seeing in our nearby and in Media that is far from our moral values. We have to recover our values so that we can show the world Who really we are ?
Shaaheed-E-Aajam Bhagat Singh along with two other brave son of Mother India sh. Sukhdev and Rajguru sacrifice their lives on this day and give birth to courage in Indian youth.

We have discussed already in Shahhed E Aajam : A real Gem that how courageous Bhagat Singh was and what hi did for us.
Somebody has said very correctly :
शहीदों की चिताओं पे लगेंगे हर बरस मेले,

वतन पे मिटने वालों का यही बाकी निशां होगा .

Now its our turn to prove them right and we have to, if we are true India.
We have to work for India first and then for other interests this is something that will be a true thanks for our Heroes.

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